Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics

Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics

The Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics with an orthopedic profile is deployed with 30 beds around the clock.

Patients requiring surgical treatment of degenerative diseases and injuries of the hip, knee, shoulder and ankle joints are hospitalized in the department. The main type of surgical activity is primary and revision endoprosthetics of large joints of the limbs. Implants of leading American and European manufacturers are used: Johnson & Johnson (DePuy, Synthes, Mitek), Zimmer, Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Biomet. Freshly frozen allografts and tricalcium phosphate substitutes are widely used to replace extensive bone defects. The number of endoprosthetics performed annually is 1000.
Another area of ​​work is arthroscopic interventions on the knee and shoulder joints, both medical diagnostic (debridement, meniscectomy, removal of free bodies), and the reconstructive plan (replacement of defects in cartilage tissue, plastic ligaments, etc.). The volume of benefits  > 500 arthroscopy per year.
An important section of surgical activity is corrective osteotomy of the tubular bones in order to correct their congenital and acquired deformities. Especially popular among patients are interventions for hallux valgus deformity of the foot with transverse spreading.

The dressing room, treatment room, rooms and utility rooms of the department are equipped with modern equipment.

For patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system there are specially adapted comfortable four-bed rooms with functional beds; There are six single / double rooms of junior suite class with individual bathrooms.

Services provided in the department:

arthroscopy >>

endoprosthetics >>

foot-surgery >>

blood-plasma-treatment >>

shock-wave-therapy >>

rehabilitation >>

physiotherapy >>


massage >>


Head of the Department Danilyak-Vladimir-Viktorovich, orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist of the highest qualification category, phone: +7 (4852) 73-41-30,

Phone number: +7 (4852) 72-21-64,


Molodov Mikhail Alexandrovich >>

Kochnev Alexander Yuryevich >>

Shatalov AlexeySergeevich >>

Shushlebin Artem Vladimirovich >>

Aksyonova Taisiya Vladimirovna >>

Phone older m / sister, guard m / sister: +7 (4852) 73-41-98.

Sheleg Maria Olegovna, head of the transfusion therapy cabinet, transfusion specialist of the highest qualification category: phone +7 (4852) 98-27-95.