Medical tourism

IMPORTANT NEWS: the hospital is returning to its normal life.

On May 31, 2022, by order of the Department of Health and Pharmacy of the Yaroslavl Region No. 629, hospitalization and treatment of patients with a new coronavirus infection was stopped at the hospital.
After carrying out sanitary measures and repair work, the opening dates of the clinic and hospital will be announced separately.

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State budgetary health institution of the Yaroslavl region «Yaroslavl Regional Clinical Hospital for War Veterans — International Center for the Elderly» Healthy Longevity «

Postal address: 40, Uglichskaya St., Yaroslavl, 150047, RUSSIA

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Tuesday, Thursday — 14:00 — 15:00.

Belousova Svetlana Aleksandrovna — Secretary of the Head Physician,

phone / fax: +7 (4852) 32-53-01.